Control Systems

We carry out business to provide systems that uphold the safety and security of society, such as power plant control systems that support the stable provision of the energy that is essential in our daily lives, as well as traffic control systems for realizing the safe, on-time operation of trains including high-speed bullet trains operating nationwide in Japan and local trains running on ultra-tight schedules in the Tokyo area.

In the energy field, our offerings include software development and consulting such as highly difficult automatic control functions (including thermal power start-up and shut-down and generation amount control) and training simulators for operators. In this way, we support Japan’s power plant control systems that are highly regarded from abroad for their superior stability.

Today, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions—regarded as the primary cause of global warming—is a global issue, and a shift is anticipated to renewable energy such as solar and wind power. It is also expected that initiatives will be undertaken to reduce impacts on the environment by collecting greenhouse gases produced at power plants. Due to these circumstances, in addition to our business in Japan, we also work proactively for developments in emerging nations, where there is increasing demand for stable power provision. We are also developing energy management systems to support societies that are friendly to people and the environment.

In the traffic field, we develop traffic control systems for high-speed bullet trains operating nationwide in Japan and local JR trains, which support social infrastructure. In particular, we have been involved in bullet train traffic control systems since the opening of the Sanyo Shinkansen between Shin-Osaka and Okayama in 1972. Since then, we have had a hand in all bullet train system development across Japan. We also develop Tokyo-area transport management systems for local trains running on ultra-tight schedules in Tokyo, and traffic control systems for local trains in other areas.

We have the ability to develop precise systems leveraging our deep knowledge and specialized technologies related to train operation, which help prevent accidents, enable on-time operation, and ensure safety when schedules are disrupted. This ability has been highly recognized overseas, and we were involved in the development of the Taiwan High Speed Rail. Going forward, we will aim for global expansion with our customers and contribute to social development with our advanced quality-related abilities for safe, secure train operation.

Systems developed

  • Thermal power plant monitoring and control systems
  • Power system control systems
  • Shinkansen (bullet train) traffic control systems
  • Local train traffic control systems
  • Tokyo-area transport management systems

Automotive Systems

With the onboard control system and onboard information system technologies we have cultivated in the past, we will contribute to realizing a safer, more secure society of mobility through system development connected to self-driving cars.

Our development includes onboard systems that control moving forward, turning, and stopping—which are directly related to automotive safety—and onboard information systems that use information networks to provide comfort and convenience to society and automobile users.

Japan Process Development has long been working to develop onboard control systems to make automobiles safer and more secure, including steering, engines, and transmissions. Hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and electric vehicles (EV) are increasing in number due to growing needs for environmentally friendly vehicles, so we are also developing systems that use electric power for controlling functions that previously employed hydraulics.

To make driving more comfortable and convenient, we are also developing onboard information systems that are connected to society, such as telematics and car navigation systems that provide information and entertainment inside vehicles. In addition, we are taking part in the development of onboard camera systems for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), leveraging image processing technologies, which are one of our strengths.

Self-driving initiatives are being accelerated across the world at a rapid pace. We will apply the technologies we have cultivated in the past in onboard control system and onboard information system development to make proactive efforts, including ADAS and intelligent transportation systems (ITS) for self-driving cars. In this way, we will contribute to realizing an environmentally friendly society of mobility with greater safety, security, comfort, and convenience.

Systems developed

  • Onboard control systems
  • Eco-friendly car control systems
  • Onboard information systems
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Particular Information Systems

Satellite remote sensing technology not only makes resource exploration and topographical investigation on Earth easier but also has many other applications. It includes utilization in urban planning and the prevention of environmental disruption through global climate change as well as geographic information systems (GIS) for environmental management carried out as part of global environmental conservation efforts.

Japan Process Development recognized the importance of satellite image processing technology from an early stage and has been involved in the development of systemization technologies that support a safe and secure society-for instance, systems for the analysis and correction of satellite images that are used in aerospace- and defense-related businesses. In recent years, the range of the application of image processing technology has broadened to include the fields of disaster prevention and crisis management. Satellite imagery is now positioned as an essential system in crisis management for obtaining a grasp of the state of disasters.

Systems developed

  • Satellite imagery ground systems
  • Image analysis systems
  • Sound-related systems
  • Geographical information systems
  • Remote sensing systems

Embedded Systems

We develop embedded software spanning a wide range of products and electronic parts, including smartphones and other mobile terminals, information appliances, and semi-conductor memory devices like solid-state drives (SSD), which in themselves are close to being hardware.

The field of embedded systems has entered a period of transformation through the evolution of products and their functions with the appearance of smartphones, tablets, and smart appliances. Accordingly, Japan Process Development carries out product software development for embedded systems, with a focus on mobile terminals, information appliances, and digital multi-function printers, as well as for semi-conductor memory devices like SSD (which in themselves are close to being hardware) and electronic parts. Among them, we have been involved for many years in the development of challenging middleware for which diverse knowledge in hardware and drivers is required.

We realize the specifications required by customers while making proposals, including ideal development processes and specific ways of moving forward, to adapt to varied needs and rapid technological innovation. Based on our corporate approach, which states that we hope to be a development partner that works with our customers, we have built trusting relationships with customers founded on our ample development expertise and technological strength from the dawning of the computer era.

Embedded software for information appliances, electronic parts, and other products is rapidly becoming more sophisticated and gaining multiple functions. It is becoming increasingly important in the field that supports social life, including the recent progress of the Internet of Things (IoT) and “smart” concepts like Smart Cities. We will work to expand into new product fields while flexibly responding to the changing era and social needs and acquiring future-oriented technologies in advance.

Systems developed

  • Short- and long-range wireless communications systems
  • Mobile phone embedded systems
  • Smartphone embedded systems
  • Information appliance embedded systems
  • Digital multi-function printer embedded systems
  • Semi-conductor memory device-related embedded systems

Industrial & Public Information Systems

Japan Process Development is engaged in the development of systems that enhance convenience in our daily life. They include systems for the realization of comfortable office environments and the streamlining of operations, systems for rail ticket vending machines and automated ticket gates, electronic toll collection (ETC) systems for toll roads, and systems for IC cards, which have become fixtures in our lives.

An assortment of advanced and highly reliable technologies is required in the social infrastructure and business areas. In the social infrastructure area in particular, expectations are becoming higher for environmentally-conscious, power efficient systems. Considering IT-based green systems as a new business opportunity, Japan Process Development applies the control and embedding technologies, which we have cultivated over the years, with continually evolving Web technology so as to create systems that contribute to the making of a richer society.

Systems developed

  • Systems for railway operators
  • Rail ticket vending systems
  • Content management systems
  • ASP systems for the pharmaceutical industry
  • IC card systems
  • Road ETC systems

IT Management Services

Japan Process Development offers all-in-one services related to systems. Our services include building system development and operating environments, software verification, and system operation, repair and maintenance.

As the functions of systems evolve, development processes have become larger and segmented, and customer needs now extend to a framework for supporting manufacturing overall. On the basis of relationships of trust nurtured with customers through system development, operation, maintenance and other work, we respond sincerely to their requests so that we may enhance our services. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive support through the provision of overall services related to manufacturing. We make proposals that precisely combine product knowledge for responding to customers’ broad-ranging needs with technical know-how accumulated through the development of control and embedded systems.


  • Building system development and operating environments
  • Integrated operation and monitoring services
  • Operation verification of information appliances
  • Verification of mobile phone designs
  • Verification of high definition recorder designs