Message from the President

Since its establishment, Japan Process Development has been consistently providing reliable and secure quality on the basis of the Company's high technical capabilities. At all times, the Company aims to realize a safe, secure society as well as comfort and convenience in life.

Japan Process Development was established in 1967 in the early days of computers as an independent company that carried out engineering, consulting and system development for the production plant industry. Today, it leverages the software engineering techniques that it has accumulated over the years and has expanded its business to provide not only software requirement definitions, development and operation/maintenance but also services such as building systems, etc., and verification. Our aim is to become a total software engineering service (T-SES) that provides maximum benefits to its customers.

The environment surrounding the international community is in need of the upgrading of social infrastructures due to issues, such as those related to energy arising from the earthquake disaster in Japan and environmental problems caused by global warming. Meanwhile, with the sharp rise in the use of mobile terminals, a need for the building of new social infrastructures that will enable the provision of advanced and diverse services is also increasing on a global scale.

Japan Process Development's strengths include system development in the field of social infrastructure, such as energy, automotives, railways, disaster prevention, and information devices. With the vision of our medium-term business plan “to contribute to safety, security, comfort and convenience in the social infrastructure field,” we will contribute to society through system development that puts quality foremost.

Furthermore, we will promote globalization in step with our customers so that Japanese social infrastructure businesses, which are highly recognized around the world, can be rolled-out overseas. With personnel recruited in China as system engineers acting as a bridge, we are preparing a framework for carrying out offshore development in Dalian, China, by executing Japanese-language and technical training in Japan. Japan Process Development will support its customers' competitiveness overseas through proactive proposals made for standardization, packaging and other services.

At the same time as enriching our internal controls, we are also striving for a supervision/oversight structure in which there are the external eyes of outside directors and auditors on the management of the Company so that we can increase transparency. We will deepen the relationship of trust with our stakeholders while also responding to their expectations.

We will continue to make contributions to our customers as well as society through our T-SES and look forward to receiving your advice and guidance.

President Yoshiaki Kamiishi
Yoshiaki Kamiishi President

Management Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

To contribute to our customers and society by creating new value through the application of information and communication technology.

Management Policy

  1. To provide high value-added products that satisfy our customers.
  2. To aim for appealing management for growth that answers to the expectations and trust of our shareholders.
  3. To provide fair opportunities and an environment where employees can be proud of each other and enjoying working together as one.
  4. To provide safe and inexpensive products for the development of society.

Management Vision

Japan Process Development’s business domain is in overall services focused around computer software. From building systems to embedded systems, we offer a wide range of services, from making proposals to customers and providing consultations to system development, maintenance and operation. Computer software is a field that sees the fastest evolution of technologies, and as such it is an industry in which new businesses are continually born while, at the same time, massive assets of the past must be carried over.

Japan Process Development will leverage its position as an independent company and provide to its customers optimum solutions that utilize state-of-the-art technology. Furthermore, the Company will rigorously implement a “market first” policy that is not bound by operational fields as well as take risks and pursue all possibilities.

Japan Process Development will aim to continue to be a company that is filled with the spirit of challenge and leads the industry in particular fields without being fixed on any conventional corporate structures.

Medium-term Business Plan

Vision/Basic Policy

Vision of the Fourth Medium-Term Business Plan (May 2016 to May 2018) To contribute to safety, security, comfort and convenience in the social infrastructure field

Basic Policy

Basic Policy 1 Focus on next core business

Focus on next core business image

(1) IoT targets

(2) Fusion of functions for driving automobiles

(3) Projects for the Environment/Energy

Basic Policy 2 Prioritize investment in personnel

Basic Policy 3 Reconstruct activities for T-SES